Valentine’s Day is coming! Free shipping national-wise!


Still thinking about what should you buy for your love?

Is it too boring to have your gift card in flat?

Let make it a romantic night with your love this year!

Make it special

Sometimes, gift card is just flat and another way to convey a warm and lovely message hidden in your heart. But now, just imagine it can be a home decoration and a romantic light in your room with a message your can see all the time. Kollectives has prepared some special gift ideas for you in the coming Valentine’s Day.


Kollectives brings the romantic moment to Australia

We are co-operating with POSTalk Hong Kong to bring their latest gift card series to Australia – The Light Model Series. The card itself is a 3 dimensional Gift Cards with LED module attached to the bottom of the card. The module itself can be powered by micro USB cable connected to your laptop or external power adapter. The gift card is made in special-treated paper materials with a minimum waterproof layer on the top of the paper. It extends the durability of the card comparing with other gift card outside the market. It comes with seven different model including Tower, Metal Robot, Piano, Village Villa, Merry-Go-Round, 35mm TLR and Ferris Wheel.


Love Free Shipping?

You can check out all gift cards under the product section in our website. Did we also mention that we are offering free shipping national-wise until 15/02/2014 for all product range in our online store with no minimum ordering amount for this Valentine’s Day?

Simply enter the coupon code – VALENTINES in VIEW CART, and check the FREE SHIPPING option appear after the coupon code has been activated. Woola.. Proceed to checkout and wait 2-3 days for the delivery via AUSPost.

Deal will be expired on 16/02/2014 12:00 AM – AEST

by Kollectives